Naples? Why?? Why not!

I’m visiting the city of Naples, Italy and even before the start of the journey many people are telling us: ‘nooo, don’t go there, it’s dangerous’. I arrived in Rome and the bus shuttle driver (Italian) ‘nooo, don’t go there, it’s dangerous’. I took the taxi to Rome Termini train station and the driver (Italian) ‘nooo, there is really dangerous, take care’. 😳👀🙏 I have been staying in Naples for the last 4 days and i had great experiences so far. And when i told the locals what reactions I received for traveling to Naples they laughed out loud. Yes, i’m not wild anymore – like going out at night, wearing fancy jewelry in public, high heels and bossy attitude – and if that’s keeping me away from trouble i’m comfortable to look domesticated. Babe, you ain’t gonna believe how many shapes i can take! 🎭 😌 From the first contact with Naples there are some obvious traits: the traffic

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